March 2024
Mythwind Reprint + New Content Kickstarter

Cooperative & solo "cozy" board game with unique characters, magical sprites, engaging story and an unending adventure. Claim your $1 expansion and reserve your Kickstarter spot below. ⬇️

Claim Your Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion

Claim Your Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion

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Join the Mythwind Reprint Kickstarter (March 2024).

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March 2024

Reprint + Expansion Coming to Kickstarter

If you missed out on the first Kickstarter campaign or want some of the new goodies, now is your chance! We are coming back to Kickstarter in March 2024.

Kickstarter Preview

"Cozy" Town Building

Solo & cooperative "cozy" board game with unending potential set in a whimsical valley filled with magical sprites.

Intuitive Quick Save

Unique quick-save trays to setup and put away your game in a flash. Join in on this persistent adventure.

Asymmetrical Characters

Five fully asymmetric characters to choose from for your adventures in Mythwind.